Latest Reads: Village Of The Lost Girls Agustin Martinez.


Five years after their disappearance, the village of Monte Perdido still mourns the loss of Ana and Lucia, two eleven-year-old friends who left school one afternoon and were never seen again. Now, Ana reappears unexpectedly inside a crashed car, wounded but alive.

The case reopens and a race against time begins to discover who was behind the girls’ kidnapping. Most importantly, where is Lucia and is she still alive?

Inspector Sara Campos and her boss Santiago Bain, from Madrid’s head office, are forced to work with the local police. Five years ago fatal mistakes were made in the investigation conducted after the girls first vanished, and this mustn’t happen again. But Monte Perdido has rules of its own.

Village of the Lost Girls was a beautifully atmospheric mystery set around the Pyrenees, with a wonderfully descriptive sense of place and the claustrophobic feel of a small town living with tragedy.

Two girls go missing- years later one turns up alive, but Ana is traumatised and finds it difficult to remember details that may help find her friend Lucia. Sara Campos, one of the investigators determines to unravel Ana’s memory and avoid the mistakes that plagued the initial case.

The story is imbued throughout with a melancholic sense of loss, the author draws his characters carefully and with detail. The mystery element is clever with unexpected moments and a locked in feel about the town where evil lurks in plain sight.

It is character driven and emotive with an ending that resonates and overall was a very good read indeed.


You can purchase Village Of The Lost Girls (Quercus) Here.

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