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You know Lara King. 

The top billing of the showbiz pages, you’ve seen her every morning; over your breakfast, on your commute to work. You know everything about her; you’ve dissected her life. 

Her perfect relationship with film-star Matthew Raine. Her beautiful six-year old daughter Ava. 

And so when a terrible incident shatters the family’s carefully constructed facade, a media frenzy ensues. 

What happens when the perfect woman begins to unravel? When her whole life is really just a lie? One she will do anything she can to stop you from finding out?

This story is . . .


Your Guilty Secret is a beautifully done psychological thriller that I read in one sitting yesterday afternoon, compelled ever onwards to find the ultimate resolution.

This is not only a twisty page turner but a story about the pursuit of fame at all costs. About public adoration and private struggles, a real human drama set right in this click bait, 24/7 news, voyeuristic society that we live in today.

Lara King is the world’s sweetheart, a brand, widely adored up on that pedestal she has carefully created for herself- but when tragedy strikes Lara will find that fame is a double edged sword..

Rebecca Thornton breathes real life into her characters, layers them carefully and pulls you into their world – a world at their feet, but with its own darkness hiding under the glitz and glamour.

It is a thought provoking, nuanced thriller that has all the hallmarks of the genre but wrapped up in some deeply insightful truths about a life in the spotlight. It will reveal itself slowly then leave you with a lot to think about..

I loved it. Divisive characterisation, clever plotting and a difficult to predict resolution.

Definitely recommended.

You can purchase Your Guilty Secret (Bonnier Zaffre) Here.

Happy Reading!

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