Latest Reads: Your Truth Or Mine Trisha Sakhlecha.

At their wedding Mia and Roy Kapoor promised to love and cherish each other.

Whilst not perfect, their marriage is sacred and their commitment absolute.

But a knock at the door changes everything when Roy is questioned over the disappearance of a young woman.

As Roy and Mia’s life unravels, they must question everything they know about each other if their marriage is to survive.

But what if the real truth is not what they, or you, think?

A twisty psychological thriller and family drama here, highly readable and very engaging.

I really didn’t like EITHER of the people in this seemingly great marriage and for me that made the story beautifully addictive, also hugely real because we all have our faults and the fault lines in this particular relationship are fascinatingly dark.

Having said that I also came up with random moments of sympathy for both parties as a missing woman, hidden secrets and family loyalties divide the pair into separate warring factions…but are they being manipulated by a force as yet unseen?

This is a clever story, the author messes with perceptions beautifully, mostly within the characters of Roy and Mia, both too blinded by their own stubborn realities to see what’s going on around them.

Will the golden couple survive? Is one of them a killer? Where did Emily go? All questions will be asked and answered in a vividly written and intelligently plotted novel, a classic example of why this genre remains so popular.

Recommended .

You can purchase Your Truth Or Mine (Pan Macmillan) Here.

Happy Reading!

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