Liz Currently Loves…Friends to Die For by Hilary Bonner


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Friends: can you really trust them? A group of friends living in London’s Covent Garden are subjected to the whims of a dangerous prankster. At first, whilst disturbing, the tricks are funny. But as they continue they become more serious and violent, until finally someone lies dead. As the remaining friends struggle to manage their grief and identify the culprit, suspicion soon falls close to home and secrets furtively kept hidden are brought to light. Alliances are formed, and the once-cosy group begins to turn on each other. Could one of them really be capable of murder?  

An extremely addictive story this one, following a group of friends who meet up regularly forming a “Sunday Club” – when they start to become the victims of pranks which grow ever more sinister, it becomes apparent that there is a murderer in their midst…

I thoroughly enjoyed this one – a brilliant cast of eclectic characters can be found here, all brought together in friendship over a period of time but about to be torn apart by a wicked prankster. Initially fairly funny (I did have a huge giggle at Mr Tickle) then steadily getting more and more dangerous, the friends struggle to cope with the strange occurrences and begin to view each other with increasing suspicion.

Very cleverly constructed as we move between the friends and ultimately the police investigation, there are lots of lovely little twists and turns to keep you involved and as things get steadily more horrific, there is an intense build up of tension that keeps you turning the pages and the further in you get the more you will be desperate to find out whodunnit and why. A terrific book for guessing the culprit, there is some wonderful misdirection and yet the clues are all there for you, as the reader, to unravel. The sign of a great mystery novel.

The characters are all great fun, you would definitely want to know them in real life (well apart from one of course!). I particularly liked Vogel, the detective trying to unravel the mayhem and all of the friends have their own little quirks which you will relate to. There are some emotional moments as well as some very exciting ones – plus Ms Bonner manages to put you right into the action with a great sense of place, Covent garden really comes to life.

Overall this is a great example of when Crime Fiction works REALLY well – engaging, intelligent and a darn good yarn.

Highly Recommended.

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