Liz Currently Loves…..The Dead Tracks by Tim Weaver.



So, having loved “Chasing the Dead” the first in the David Raker series from Tim Weaver I started in on The Dead Tracks with a great sense of anticipation. I wasnt even anywhere near that place called disappointed. Weaver is actually an excellent surname for this particular author – he weaves an intricate and twisted tale that swallows  you up until it finally spits you out satisfied and wanting more.

In this instalment, David is asked to track down a young girl called Megan..the police enquiry into her disappearance has stalled and her parents are desperate. As he investigates he is drawn into a dark place and finds himself involved with a historical serial killer, a police cover up and more missing girls – and finally he finds himself heading for the dead tracks…..

David Raker really is a superb creation. Suffering after the loss of his wife, he is bound and determined that no-one should go through that and it drives him determinedly on towards his goal despite personal danger and heartache. The story itself is terrific – it flows beautifully with such page turning influence that you will find yourself reading into the early hours simply to discover the next clue…3AM today found me finishing this tale, bleary eyed but happy. Chasing the Dead had a wonderful solution – The Dead Tracks manages to pull this off again but in a very different way. I wasnt so much stunned by the ending as I was intrigued by one of the main characters and their psychology..I kind of hope we might find out more about them in future novels but I have a feeling that particular story is done.

Tim Weaver is fast heading up the list of my favourite must read authors – I am lucky enough to still have “Vanished” on my kindle, sadly sadly it will have to wait a little while due to my backlog although my backlog may well get more backlogged if I find I can’t wait…. and later this year “Never Coming Back” which is now very high on my list of priorities. You can find a review of “Chasing the Dead” in the Crime page of this website and I highly recommend you start there and don’t stop. Happy Reading folks!



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