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Amy Philmore knows something is wrong as she walks home alone through Fort George Hill. When a car pulls up and three men get out, it’s too late to escape. Now she is in hospital fighting for her life.
Her brother, Former Marine James Bishop, is determined to find the attackers before they return to finish the job. The cops are on the case but Bishop takes matters into his own hands, and nothing can hold him back in his hunt for vengeance.

So the latest James Bishop thriller from Mr Dean – not the first one I’ve read but the first one I’m reviewing – and I have to say this is fast becoming one of my favourite thriller series and with this instalment has definitely overtaken that staple of this genre, Jack Reacher, for me.

Anyway here we find Bishop with a problem – his Sister has been badly hurt, fuelled by a certain amount of guilt and an absolute determination to track down those responsible he takes us on yet another page turning, breathtaking and gripping journey. Don’t expect to get much sleep..

Things I loved most: Bishop as a character came into much sharper focus, the development continuing beautifully from the first two in the series and every story I read makes me fall a little more in love with him. Kidanu – enigmatic and absolutely compelling, becoming Bishops unwanted and yet eminently useful “sidekick” I really hope we will meet him again. I may have to have words.  Amy’s husband Gerry made me grit my teeth, the bad guys were as always very well drawn giving a real sense of peril and the storyline was intelligent and well flowing with some lovely little twists and turns.

Apologies to Mr Dean to go off topic slightly but this novel gives me a chance to put my viewpoint across on some stuff thats been discussed in the book world recently. I do love a good thriller it has to be said. I’d like to say they are my guilty pleasure but with all the furore recently over reading choices and whether we should be ashamed of them (Yes I read YA and I’m proud to do so) and all the chat about literary versus beach reads and what readers prefer – me I prefer a darn good book. I don’t really care where it comes from or what umbrella it falls under. THIS here, The Hunters Oath, is a darn good book – so its not a guilty pleasure at all. It is simply a pleasure…and from Blyton to Tolstoy there is something for everyone and age is a state of mind. Reading is and always should be a joy. Where you find that joy is entirely in the eye of the beholder. And half the pleasure is in discovering those gems that give you that pure adrenalin rush of reading heaven.

Back to the point  – my reading pleasure was most definitely enhanced by this wonderfully fun and intelligent thriller and comes highly recommended from me, as does the series as a whole. If you want some edge of the seat action accompanied by some terrific and fascinating characters, this one is for you.

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