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Publication Date: 5th November from Sphere

Source: Publisher Review Copy

Trust wasn’t something you could have in degrees; it was all or nothing...’

Greg and Amanda are happy. They’ve been together thirteen years and have two young daughters. They’re very much in love.

Dan and Sarah aren’t so fortunate. Their marriage is going through the motions and they’re just staying together for the sake of their son.

When one bad decision sends a happy couple into turmoil and turns an unhappy couple into love’s young dream, there’s only one thing that can keep everything from falling apart: trust.

Like many people I was an avid addict of the tv show “Cold Feet” back when it aired and I’m sure when it comes back I shall be again – so as a person who rather prefers books if given the chance I was really pleased when Trust dropped through the letterbox…and I loved every minute of it.

For someone who reads a lot of crime and novels about dark dastardly deeds “Trust” was like a breath of fresh air – fast, funny and intuitively authentic, Mike Bullen has given us a wonderfully readable character study using a cast of honestly likeable people and exploring themes of life, love…and marriage.

An excellent mix of humour and emotional uproar, there is a great intricacy of plot as we follow Dan and Greg and their various decisions and interactions, the best thing about “Trust” comes from the developing and changing relationships within, those little twists and turns of life that make it so beautifully challenging – the author captures all of that and keeps you turning those pages.

Often VERY hilarious (snorting tea out through your nose on the Bicester to Marylebone train is one way of confirming to the wider world that you are perhaps a little odd) but always bang on the money when it comes to the realities of human nature, Trust is a warm and  wonderful read and only makes me more eager to enter the world of Cold Feet once more – and hope that Mike Bullen writes some more novels. Can’t wait.

Highly Recommended especially if you need a reading pick me up.

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