My Top 5 to Watch in 2020 (So Far) A Reader’s Guide.

So I’m doing a LOT of 2020 reading at the moment and there are some truly incredible titles coming next year…I will be doing one of these every so often so watch this space and I’ll keep you up to date with what, in my opinion, are the best of the best. If you follow my reviews you’ll see that this is just the tip of the iceberg…

So in no particular order, here are my recommendations for your pre-order addiction, the ones you simply don’t want to miss…

A Good Man by Ani Katz is probably one of the most unsettling novels I’ve read this year, it’s protagonist is gently engaging, seemingly innocuous as he talks about his love for his family…but there is a darkness lurking here and the ending will have you emotionally distraught..

You can order A Good Man here or at any local bricks and mortar bookshop.

Jeanine Cummins “American Dirt” will take you to places you don’t want to go but absolutely should- one incredible woman journeying towards safety with the child she would willingly kill to protect- this book opens with one of the most heart wrenching scenes I have read and from there on in it hooks you in and shines a light on those truths we all hide from…

You can order American Dirt here or ask at your local independent bookshop

Jane Casey’s Maeve Kerrigan series is one I attempt to make the world read but with “The Cutting Place” she has gone for gold with an intense, emotional and impossibly addictive tale taking you to the heart of those headlines we are becoming used to. Putting a human spin on an emotive issue whilst putting her main protagonist on the edge of disaster, The Cutting Place is not only the best in the series so far but stands alone as a relevant and highly intuitive piece of social commentary.

You can order The Cutting Place here or, well, you know the drill.

We all know by now that I am the BIGGEST fan of Sarah Pinborough to the extent that I will happily knock people over in order to get my hands on her next book- But “Dead To Her” proves why – Addictively intelligent, Sexy, Sassy and dark as sin, this novel is one you fall into, beautifully written and telling a story so compelling you’ll live it with the characters until you emerge breathless the other side.

You can order Dead to Her here or ask your local bookseller time you are on a spree.

I genuinely don’t think any 2020 list could possibly be complete without “My Dark Vanessa” from Katie Elizabeth Russell – a poignant, incredibly intuitive and utterly traumatic foray into abuse and the real world affect it has on lives – in this case Vanessa’s life, a girl you will live with through her dark meanderings and attempts to understand…this book is one everyone could and should be talking about next year because it is real and uniquely insightful.

You can order My Dark Vanessa here or anywhere. But do.

So there you go. But WAIT I hear those of you who know me very well cry. What about Chris Whitaker’s “We Begin At The End” ? We know you’ve read it. (Yes indeed several times) We know you love it (Yes indeed with all the fervour of a true believer) We Begin At The End is indeed my Top pick for 2020 and as such will be getting it’s very own post very soon. One of those babbly incoherent ones I’m sure. Watch this space.

Happy 2020 reading!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Right I’d better get reading as I have Three Hours , The Memory Wood & Keeper for next year so far.
    Have Cutting Place, Dead to Her & Dark Vanessa ready!
    You read so fast you legend

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