New Release Spotlight: Long Time Lost – Chris Ewan


Publication Date: 5th May 2016 from Faber

Source: Review Copy

Nick Miller and his team provide a unique and highly illegal service, relocating at-risk individuals across Europe with new identities and new lives. Nick excels at what he does for a reason: he’s spent years living in the shadows under an assumed name.

But when Nick steps in to prevent the attempted murder of witness-in-hiding Kate Sutherland on the Isle of Man, he triggers a chain of events with devastating consequences for everyone he protects – because Nick and Kate share a common enemy in Connor Lane, a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means tearing Nick’s entire network apart.

Oh dear. I finished this one which means I can NEVER read it for the first time again. This displeases me at the same time as I’m doing a little book dance of joy because Long Time Lost is not only a banging thriller but a thrilling thriller to boot AND beautifully written. Plus addictive. Like having your cake and eating it and having enough left to be able to make cookies out of it later. With wine.

Anyway that aside,  Long Time Lost starts off with a bang (literally and figuratively) and then is relentless in its pursuit of your fingernails, as in bitten, then off. Or you could use them to cling onto that cliff  that Chris Ewan decides to shove you off  at regular intervals just when you think things can’t get any worse for this bunch of characters – whom you will adore, even the bad guys. And I’m never EVER going near any kind of crane or approaching a building site with anything less than extreme caution again. And that was just the start.

I’ve been a long time fan of this author,  but with Long Time Lost its like the stars aligned because this is thriller writing right at the top of the game. Enticing plotting, well built and authentic characters, believable emotive events, no messing. Plenty of action but plenty of growth alongside that – I quite simply adored Nick (and whilst I know this is a standalone I may have to GLARE a little at Mr Ewan and demand a recount) and was completely sympathetic to the situation Kate finds herself in. Wanting desperately to do the right thing, slowly but surely realising that to do so her entire life would have to change.

Intelligent, thought provoking story telling with a sharp authentic edge, most of all brilliant writing that digs deep. And seriously its not THAT easy to find these days. Worth their weight in gold books like this. And if I could put in a request for more “Good Thief” books while I’m about it…Oh look you’ve got to try..

Thats me finished banging on – I loved it. Tomorrow Chris’s fellow Faber author and writer of some calibre whose books I might have mentioned a time or two – Rod Reynolds – will be interviewing Chris here on the blog and they will be talking all things writing, Long Time Lost AND Black Night Falling. Its one not to be missed and later this year when Black Night Falling is released they’ll be back to do it all over again. Never say I don’t spoil you (although to be fair its these two spoiling you with their gorgeous writing I just work here) and pop back tomorrow to have a look if you can.

Until then you could…

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  1. Elizabeth Swan says:

    Safe House is one of my favourite crime novels. Can’t wait to read this one!

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