No Place of Refuge Ausma Zehanet Khan. Blog tour review.

NGO worker Audrey Clare, sister of Khattak’s childhood friend, is missing.

In her wake, a French Interpol Agent and a young Syrian man are found dead at the Greek refugee camp where she worked.

Khattak and Getty travel to Greece to trace Audrey’s last movements in a desperate attempt to find her. In doing so, they learn that her work in Greece had strayed well beyond the remit of her NGO…

Had Audrey been on the edge of exposing a dangerous secret at the heart of the refugee crisis – one that ultimately put a target on her own back?

Full disclosure: I’m writing this review whilst still being immersed in the story, not too much to go but life has interrupted reading somewhat this week as happens.

I don’t think that’s a problem to be honest, I’m completely immersed when time allows, like the previous novels this story is utterly gripping, highly relevant whilst being both entertaining and hugely thought provoking.

Detail and emotion abound, set against the backdrop of the Syrian refugees crisis, a murder and a missing aid worker draw Khattak and Getty into a very personal and difficult investigation…

The characters are sublimely formed and hugely relatable, the ongoing personal drama heightened and the current case extraordinarily compelling. I’m not sure where it’s going yet, but it is beautifully written and plotted, a page turner that has a lot to say about the current state of our world.

I can’t imagine that I’m going to say anything other than “highly recommended” when I turn that final page.

You can purchase No Place of Refuge (No Exit) Here.

Happy Reading!

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