Nobody’s Wife Laura Pearson blog tour review.

‘Of the four of them, only three remained. And there was no going backwards from there.’

Emily and Josephine have always shared everything. They’re sisters, flatmates, and best friends. It’s the two of them against the world.

When Emily has the perfect wedding, and Josephine finds the perfect man, they know things will change forever. But nothing can prepare them for what, or who, one of them is willing to give up for love.

Four people. Three couples. Two sisters. One unforgivable betrayal.

Nobody’s Wife is an emotionally charged family drama with some engaging memorable characters and a depth of feeling that stays with you after you finish.

This is a tale about the far reaching consequences of infidelity and betrayal, Laura Pearson keeps it authentic in sense and feeling – about how passion can seem more worthy than loyalty – each character within the narrative struggles with their own personal morality.

It has many thought provoking levels whilst still being entertaining, giving each reader a chance to ponder what their own choices might be under similar circumstances.

Overall Nobodys Wife is a tense, beautifully written novel with an atmospheric sense that digs deep.


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