One Minute Later Susan Lewis. Blog tour review.

It’s takes one minute to change everything…

Vivienne Shager has it all. A highflying job. A beautiful apartment. Friends whose lives are as perfect as her own. But on the afternoon of her 27th birthday, Vivi has a heart attack.

Now Vivi’s life shrinks back to how it begun, as she moves back to the small seaside town she grew up in. With her time running out, there is one thing she wants to know the truth about.

Some secrets are best left in the past…

Thirty years earlier, Shelley’s family home, Deerwood farm, bursts full of love and happiness. But one family member has hidden a secret for all these years. Until Vivi comes home demanding answers, and it takes just a moment to unravel the lie at their heart of their lives…

One Minute Later is a beautifully written and deeply layered family drama from Susan Lewis – one of those stories you just sink into, fully absorbed into the lives of the characters and feeling every moment of it.

It starts with Vivi and a heart attack, her health and life destroyed in moments, sending her on a journey of discovery about her family. Meanwhile we learn about Shelley, her intricate familial relationships and the heartache that follows an unexpected and sudden tragedy. One Minute Later everything has changed…

The plotting is gorgeous, two strands eventually coming together to make a fully formed whole, two families connected in ways that slowly become clear and as such it is utterly compelling.

I loved it, really excellent from the quality of the writing to the intensity of the story. A very good read indeed.


You can purchase One Minute Later (Harper Collins) Here.

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