Ones to Watch in 2017: Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pinborough.


Available January 2017 from Harper Collins

Yep you are expecting a synopsis now right? Nope. No. Just no. Anyway, to  be clear although I’m sure there are random descriptions of “Behind her Eyes” around do yourselves a favour and avoid them all. Be careful if you read reviews. You can read this one because its not really a review.

This book will change the way you approach reading things.

And its a banging story to boot.

But the question I have been asked more times than I’ve had cups of tea lately (and I’ve had lots of cups of tea) from those around me who know I’m lucky enough to have read it already is “That hashtag. #WTFthatending is it justified?”


And I’ll just repeat myself….Yes.

BUT here’s the thing. The entire novel is beautifully brilliant even without THAT ending. Also I should  say that yes you will probably spend the entire time trying to outwit  Sarah Pinborough. Don’t bother. Y’all ain’t got a chance in hell.

Don’t trust this book….

But trust ME when I tell you that you want to read it….

Don’t trust this story……

If there was a gold medal for ingenuity Ms Pinborough would be a shoe in for the win.

Don’t Trust yourself…

Prepare to walk the house dazed and muttering…



Its coming for you…..

You can pre-order Behind her Eyes HERE

Do it. If you dare.


Happy Reading!





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