Ones to Watch in 2017: Quieter than Killing. Sarah Hilary.

Publication Date: March 2017 from Headline

Source: Review Copy

Sometimes staying silent is the only way to survive

‘You only ever ask that. Why did I do it? You never ask what they did.’

The winter cold is biting, and a series of assaults is pulling DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake out into the frosty, mean streets of London far more than they’d like. The attacks seem random, but when Marnie’s family home is ransacked, there are signs that the burglary can have only been committed by a child – and someone who knows all about her. It will take a prison visit to her foster brother, Stephen, to help Marnie see the connections – and to force both her and Noah to face the truth about the creeping, chilling reaches of a troubled upbringing. For how can a damaged child really leave their past behind them?

First I just want to say, we are on Marnie Rome 4 already. How did that happen? I remember reading Someone Else’s Skin as one of my very first proof copies, meeting Marnie and Noah for the very first time and boy that was a read and a half and things have genuinely only gotten better from there.

Sarah Hilary has always written with a quiet, immersive intensity, when you talk about novels that are atmospheric she is really defining that definition – she pulls you back into Marnie’s world with each instalment seamlessly and it took me all of a chapter before I was hooked into it once more.  Marnie has one of the best and most haunting back stories in crime fiction today and whilst each new case is ever intriguing, the strange and compelling relationship between Marnie and Stephen and the consequences and ripple effects of that fascinate me. Quieter than Killing rewarded me on that level hugely so for that reason I think this is my favourite one yet..

This instalment finds Marnie and Noah investigating a series of brutal attacks that may or may not be the work of a vigilante, there may be ties to Marnie’s past, both of our favourite characters are facing family issues and danger lurks. At which point I have to say to Ms Hilary –  SOMETIMES YOU ARE SO MEAN TO POOR NOAH – stop it! Oh ok don’t stop it, I’m always a sucker for being emotionally traumatised by my reading material. A strong emotive core runs through the storytelling as ever, these are books that you literally feel your way through.

Descriptively chilling, completely addictive and with a set of characters and storylines that just dig deep into your subconscious and stay there, Sarah Hilary, with the Marnie Rome series, is without doubt one of the top UK Crime writers working today. In this readers honest opinion.

Look I’ve been really helpful too – reviewed nice and early so if you have not yet read Someone Else’s Skin, No Other Darkness and Tastes Like Fear you can catch up in time for this – its like having a reading equivalent of BBCi Player. Or something.

Highly Highly Recommended. With a flourish.

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