Ones to Watch in 2018. Everless Sara Holland

Publication Date: January 2018 from Orchard Books

Source: Review Copy

In the land of Sempera, the rich control everything – even time. Ever since the age of alchemy and sorcery, hours, days and years have been extracted from blood and bound to iron coins. The rich live for centuries; the poor bleed themselves dry.

Jules and her father are behind on their rent and low on hours. To stop him from draining himself to clear their debts, Jules takes a job at Everless, the grand estate of the cruel Gerling family.

There, Jules encounters danger and temptation in the guise of the Gerling heir, Roan, who is soon to be married. But the web of secrets at Everless stretches beyond her desire, and the truths Jules must uncover will change her life for ever … and possibly the future of time itself.

So first post back after my rather more extended than  planned downtime belongs to Everless – a book I read in one big gulp of a sitting whilst downing maltesers at a rate of knots and hanging off every single word. Definitely one of my top reads of this year that will be released on the world in 2018 – watch out for this one, it has a knack of making time do funny things…

The blurb on my proof called it “an intoxicating new series” and I’m not sure I can put it better than that. Everless is entirely addictive, utterly beautifully written, magic, time, love, loss, it’s all in here and once you pick it up you don’t want to put it down.

Jules is a brilliantly formed character and the premise for this is wonderfully imaginative – think about how it would be to be poor if the only way to eat and keep a roof over your head was to give up months and years of your lifespan, with no guarantee of being able to earn it back. Then think how the rich/poor divide might work in that scenario- and throw in a heroine with sass, savvy and a secret even she doesn’t understand, a cast of eclectic and brilliantly layered support acts and an author that doesn’t bother with the A B C of young adult fantasy but just makes you think she’s doing that whilst the sands of time move relentlessly through that hourglass..

The world building was sublime, you’ll want to go and live at Everless despite the dangers – there is a hint of romance and a huge hit of atmospheric storytelling – alongside some twists and turns that make you take a breath, especially in relation to the character arc’s and that ending really.  I went DARN IT how can I wait to find out what happens next. Come to think of it how CAN I wait to find out what happens next? I’ll just sulk over here for a moment…

Anyway, genuinely this was a hugely favourite read for this year. An honest to God page turner done with both style and substance – it was, indeed, intoxicating.

Highly Recommended.

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