Pick of the week: Body Language A K Turner.


Camden mortuary assistant Cassie Raven has pretty much seen it all. But this is the first time she’s come face to face with someone she knows on the slab. Someone she cared about. Her friend and mentor, Mrs E.

Deeply intuitive and convinced that she can pick up the last thoughts of the dead, Cassie senses that there must be more to the ruling of an accidental death. Is her grief making her see things that aren’t there, or is her intuition right, and there’s something more sinister to her friend’s death than the ME thinks? Harbouring an innate distrust of the police, Cassie sets out to investigate and deliver justice to the woman who saved her life.

Body Language was a great read, with two main characters who were utterly engaging in different ways, a mystery element that was cleverly plotted and intriguing and a darkly evocative backdrop in the mortuary.

It is a little bit different to the norm with Cassie’s outlook on life and death – and of course the possibility that the dead speak to her- she is flawed and realistic with an oddly ironic moral code that comes across well and puts you on her side.

The story spins itself out in a truly addictive style which makes this an easy book to devour in one sitting, with a refreshing edge to it that means you’ll finish it and find yourself wanting more

Loved it. Recommended.

You can purchase Body Language (Zaffre) Here.

Happy reading!

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