Sleep M K Boers. Blog tour review.

A marriage made in heaven, a murder made in hell.
Why kill the man you love?
Lizzy was struggling, everyone knew that.
He shouldn’t have done those things.
He shouldn’t have pushed her so hard.
And now, her children, her marriage, her hope – gone.
It was all her fault, she knew that, but was there a chance of redemption?
Lizzy Dyson’s on trial for her life. She knows she must pay for what she did, even if it wasn’t planned, but will the jury believe her?

A psychological drama, focusing on the aftermath of a murder. There’s no doubt who the killer is, so this book is a whydunnit rather than a whodunnit. Why did Lizzy murder her husband? Why was she taking revenge? Secrets from Lizzy’s past are gradually revealed, along with all of the events leading up to her crime.

Featuring some very unlikeable characters, the book covers various domestic themes including miscarriage, depression, betrayal and bullying. It’s almost a character study more than a plot-led book, dissecting a rocky marriage and taking the reader through Lizzy’s troubled mind.

A well written, well paced novel for fans of psychological suspense.

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    Thanks for featuring it!

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