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Twenty-two-year-old Charlotte Ford reconnects with Danielle, her best friend from high school, a few days before Danielle is found bludgeoned to death in a motel room. In the wake of the murder, Charlotte’s life unravels and she descends into the city’s underbelly, where she meets the strippers, pornographers and drug dealers who surrounded Danielle in the years they were estranged.

Melissa Ginsberg’s “Sunset City” is a short but intense noir crime novel – where the crime takes a back seat to the character study as we watch Charlotte retrace the steps of her lost friend Danielle, through a murky underworld of drugs and sex.

The author has a visceral poetic way of writing that just draws you into this world – Houston the backdrop, a character in its own right, setting the scene for a tale of friendship and murder, a sharp edged affair where actions have consequences – leading you further and further into darker and darker places.

It is an accomplished debut for sure, I was gripped utterly by the events and the people, descriptively speaking this is pure magic, intense and evocative with a modern twist – often very sad and always edgy and involving. A short sharp effective portrait of life on the edge of reason, where addiction is rife and violence is just a stones throw away.

Sunset City is definitely one that will stay with you – one of those novels where words have true power – distinctive enough to make it stand out, authentic and hard hitting – I would definitely recommend Sunset City for crime fans who want to delve into something a little different.


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