Tales of Ramion Frank Hinks. Blog tour.

Today I have a post about the Tales of Ramion books for children by Frank Hicks – these hardback stories full of hand painted full page illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and my two kids love them.

At the moment they are being read to me at bedtime – perfect storytelling, we are currently on The Dream Thief and I’ll be back at a future date to tell you more.


Ramion is a magical place and the stories focus on three boys who travel there and have adventures. The illustrations really do pop, bringing the narrative to life


The series was inspired by Mr Franks son Julius, who would give him the first line of a story at bedtime and leave him to carry on.

Quirky and clever, if you have a child who loves books, these will bring a huge amount of pleasure.

You can purchase Tales of Ramion books here.

Follow the tour for more!

Happy Reading!

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