The Chemical Detective Fiona Erksine Blog tour review.

Dr Jaqueline Silver blows things up to keep people safe.

While working on avalanche control in the Julian Alps, she stumbles across a delivery mix up in a consignment of explosives.

After raising a complaint, she is warned, threatened, accused of professional incompetence and then suspended. Taking her complaint to Zagrovyl head office in Teesside, she narrowly escapes death only to be framed for murder.

From the snowy slopes of Slovenia, to the wreckage of Chernobyl, Jaq must fight for her innocence, and find the truth, before it’s too late.

The Chemical Detective is a high octane thriller that also has a great underlying layer of scientific geekery and a brilliantly powerful lead female role model in Jaq, who pretty much blows things up for a living.

The plot is tense and engaging, a sprawling epic feel to it and a perfectly placed thrill ride of a finale within the wreck of Chernobyl. The journey to get there takes turns between action and thought provoking realities and overall it works really well, an addictive read that literally goes BOOM.

Really good stuff. Recommended.

You can purchase The Chemical Detective (oneworld) here.

Happy Reading!

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