The Elisenda Domenech Investigations: City of Drowned Souls. Blog Tour Review.

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When a child disappears, the clock starts ticking.
Detective Elisenda Domènech has had a tough few years. The loss of her daughter and a team member; the constant battles against colleagues and judges; the harrowing murder investigations… But it’s about to get much worse.

When the son of a controversial local politician goes missing at election time, Elisenda is put on the case. They simply must solve it. Only the team also have to deal with a spate of horrifically violent break-ins. People are being brutalised in their own homes and the public demands answers.

Could there be a connection? Why is nobody giving a straight answer? And where is Elisenda’s key informant, apparently vanished off the face of the earth? With the body count threatening to increase and her place in the force on the line, the waters are rising…

Be careful not to drown.

I love the way Chris Lloyd  writes because he does that slow burn to the finish thing that involves many moving parts, all cleverly layered and all coming together but without necessarily tying it all up in a beautiful bow.

Such is the case with City of Drowned Souls, a beautifully engaging crime novel within the Elisenda Domenech investigations series. Elisenda herself continues to have multiple intriguing layers that just feeds into the wider plot and makes for an anchor to the rest. The descriptive prose is vivid and immersive, the political threads are fascinating and in all that you have a great mystery too. An emotive one in this case and throughout the read I was not sure where things might end up. You just travel along with it, caught up in the moment.

You can read this one on its own too, this is my second that I’ve read and just confirmed for me that I want to read the rest. The scene setting is particularly good both in relation to the places and to the social attitudes, a great depth to things and that is what I personally look for in my crime drama.

Overall an excellent read. Bring on the next one I say. You really can’t ever have too many great books to look forward to. Chris Lloyd gives good book.


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