The Hunter Andrew Reid. Blog tour review.

In the ring, Cameron King is known as The Hunter. A celebrated champion. A warrior.

But when her brother, science genius Nate, deliberately crashes the car they’re in and vanishes without trace Cameron is left with a career in ruins, a reconstructed body and one burning question: why?

18 months later, working to find bail-jumping fugitives, Cameron discovers a dead body – apparently killed with her gun. As a detective comes through the door, she receives a panicked call from her missing brother: ‘They’re coming, Cam. Get out.’

Sucked into a lethal and sinister conspiracy hidden in the darkest shadows of power, Cameron is forced to fight her toughest, bloodiest battle yet – not only to survive, but to uncover the terrifying truth.

I loved The Hunter and read it in one sitting, pacy, exciting, most excellent main protagonist (plus an excellent sidekick) and a conspiracy to make you shiver.

Cameron is a true kick ass heroine who wears her flaws as well as she wears her qualities, so is very easy to engage with. Determined to find her errant brother she does a job that is aimed at that end- however he will find her first and bring a whole heap of trouble with him.

Fast paced action tempered with intelligent plotting, The Hunter is a huge page turner, merging a thriller with a fascinating science fuelled premise that offers many twists and turns.

Overall a really great read. I love a novel that can have your heart racing one moment then have you contemplating moral ambiguities the next, The Hunter gave me that and therefore I can give it a huge thumbs up.


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