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Struggling to come to terms with the suicide of her teenage son, Ellie lives in the shadows of the Forth Road Bridge, lingering on its footpaths and swimming in the waters below. One day she talks down another suicidal teenager, Sam, and sees for herself a shot at redemption, the chance to atone for her son’s death.

But even with the best intentions, she can’t foresee the situation she’s falling headlong into – a troubled family, with some very dark secrets of their own.

This is my first novel from this author, I read it in one big gulp it was that good and so obviously it won’t be my last.

The Jump is a heady blend of family drama, emotional trauma and spot on thrill a minute crime writing that is completely gripping from the very first few pages. Starting at a point of grief, a mother’s loss, then giving that mother a reason for being, we meet Ellie as she saves another teenager from her son’s fate – but getting involved with Sam’s family leads her down a dark path.

There are many twists and turns along the way, Doug Johnstone managing to walk the line between emotive and exciting really brilliantly – there are some deep seated issues eating at the heart of the family dynamics –  and as things progress you will be utterly enthralled, likely to bite your nails if you are prone to that sort of thing and madly turning the pages to see how things resolve.

It would be difficult to say much else on plot without completely spoiling it – so I won’t. The writing is clever, the narrative style is addictive and the character building is superb – as well as that the setting is vivid and the whole thing has a completely authentic feel to it even in the occasional unlikely moments. I loved it.

Highly Recommended for fans of all things Crime.

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