The Killer Inside by Will Carver – more short story art.


A wonderful little “Bridging” tale between Will Carver’s earlier novels (Girl 4 and The Two) and his latest book in the January David series “Dead Set” I was slightly late to the party – in that I read this today, rather than before I read Dead Set. I’m actually pleased I did it that way around as it gave it quite a fun edge. As long as you are familiar with the authors work, it will be just as good either way to my mind.

So we have Eames plotting and scheming, interspersed with January doing his thing – I loved the little portions about the letters Eames received and his true feelings about them – and having prior knowledge of what was coming made it all the more entertaining for me.

If it has been a while since you read the previous two novels this is perfect to get you back in the Eames v January v Audrey frame of mind and dive straight back into the weird and wonderful world Mr Carver has created. If you have already read “Dead Set” and did not realise this story was available, then fear not – you will enjoy it in a completely different way!

Short but sweet, JUST as delicious as the chocolate pudding I consumed whilst I read it, it comes highly recommended from me, along with all of Will Carver’s other books. Especially if you like your crime with a twist and if you love a writer who writes outside the box.

Get your copy here: It won’t cost you a penny!


Happy Reading Folks!

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