The Log House Baylea Hart Blog Tour Review.

The forest is a deadly place. 

Nobody knows this better than Penny. She has spent her whole life hiding in the darkness, shielding herself from the terrors that watch and wait within the trees.

When Penny is abandoned and left for dead in the forest, she is forced to navigate this terrifying labyrinth in order to return home to her son and take revenge on the woman who tried to kill her.

But the murderous creatures with the false smiles aren’t the only monsters to lurk in the forest, and some demons may be closer than she thinks.

The Log House is a cleverly creepy tale of monsters in the forest, survival and revenge.

I was drawn to this one by it’s blurb which actually only tells half the tale. Penny as a character is highly engaging and she takes you with her through the labyrinth of a genuinely creepy setting, the sense of place leaves you as a reader off kilter and disturbed.

The low key post apocalyptic feel to The Log House was a good premise to start from and when Penny is abandoned to her fate her determination to get back to her child was refreshingly addictive and I loved this authors descriptive sense of things.

Overall this was an intriguing and enjoyable read. One that might make you sleep with the lights on…

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