To Catch A Killer Emma Kavanagh. Blog tour review.

I’ve been watching you DS Alice Parr.
I saw you trying to save the poor young woman you found in the park.
The woman I tried to kill.
I’ve been waiting for you to find her family. To find someone who cares about her.
But you can’t can you?
You’ve never had a case like this.
I know everything about you. You know nothing about me.
Even though I’m the man you’re looking for.
And you will never catch me…

When DS Alice Parr is the first officer on the scene of a stabbing, she quickly realises this is not just an opportunistic mugging gone wrong. Determined to find out who the victim is, and why she was targeted, DS Parr inadvertently begins an unrelenting game of cat and mouse with the killer. As she inches closer to the truth, her own past becomes harder to ignore.
But who exactly attacked the woman in the park? And what are they trying to hide?

To Catch A Killer was brilliant – totally absorbing from the very first page, highly addictive, paced to perfection and twisty as you like.

I’ve loved Emma Kavanagh’s storytelling from the very first book, this was one of my favourites to date – engaging so thoroughly as I did with main protagonist Alice Parr, who gets caught up in a genuinely thrilling and absolutely unpredictable game of cat and mouse with a dangerous killer.

The writing is fully immersive and the reveals are cleverly placed to keep you on your toes. This is a read in one sitting, edge of the seat drama with intriguing fully formed characters and a killer you won’t see coming.

Loved it.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase To Catch A Killer (Orion) Here.

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