True Crime Podcast Review: Crime Beat.

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On my quest for the best true crime podcasts, I rather randomly came across Crime Beat, hosted by Crime reporter Nancy Hixt…and was immediately hooked.

Crime Beat is a podcast absolutely full of human stories, looking at cases Nancy has covered told in one or occasionally two parts – every single episode is hauntingly compelling and utterly addictive. I have been in tears several times and listened to one episode after another until I was all caught up.

Anyone who listens to podcasts regularly will know that they live and die with their hosts..Nancy Hixt is one of the best out there. What strikes me about Crime Beat is the way she gives so much of herself to these often horrifying tales of the harm humans can do to each other- and how all the intricate focus is on the victims and families. Before you know the details of the case Nancy takes you back- setting the scene with events trends and music, then making sure you know about lives before the crimes, so you understand exactly what was lost…

Obviously affected but always professional, Nancy has formed unbreakable bonds with some of the people haunted by that one defining moment, she draws you in so that you too feel something of those bonds and it is an unforgettable immersive experience.

The one that will haunt me is the story of Sara and Taliyah, but they will all stay with me and I highly recommend this podcast if you want truth over dramatics and want to understand real people who sit outside of your own experience.

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