True Crime Podcast Review: The Prosecutors.

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Bear with me, I’m used to reviewing books not podcasts, but my recent obsession with such things has lead me to the understanding that stories are told in many ways and if, like me, true crime stories fascinate you, there is a whole new community that awaits. I’m sure I’ll get better at giving decent feedback on podcasts but I’m sure like my early book reviews, this may lack a certain flair.

I’ve listened to many podcasts in the last few months, from well known ones such as Serial to lesser known ones…I’m starting with The Prosecutors because it’s not only informative, intriguing and entertaining but it also allows you to dive in and out- to choose episodes here and there rather than having to commit in a serialised way. Also, mainly, because it is now one of my firm favourites, one I avidly await new episodes of now I’m up to date.

Brett and Alice are US Prosecutors, good friends, professional yet highly entertaining as they take you through many well known cases and a few lesser known ones. I came to them off the back of trying to unravel the Maura Murray rabbit hole- trust me, don’t Google it you’ll never come out alive – wanting someone, anyone, to lay it out in understandable terms. They did. Thank heavens. The standard way they deal with cases is fact first, dismiss obvious white noise, offer a possible interpretation based on reality not fantasy. Oh, and have a lot of fun doing it.

I love these guys. I listened for hours, laughing whilst also becoming emotionally invested in the cases being discussed. These two never sensationalise, never lose sight of the very real human cost involved even through social media obsession and always finish with their theories which don’t allow for alien abductions. Well apart from that one time…

From Elisa Lam to Maura Murray to the case covered in the popular “The Staircase” documentary, Brett and Alice offer everything you need to understand a crime case, including often entertaining explanations of the law and continuing on even through Corona virus and roof destroying storms..

In fact I can’t think of a better podcast to recommend for new listeners wanting to dip a toe into true crime podcast listening…I’m fairly confident you’ll carry on and go for the swim.

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