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A mother and daughter are snatched on their way home from the cinema. The crime bears a number of chilling similarities to a cold case Prof. Nick Fennimore was involved in. Then Nick begins receiving taunting messages – is he being targeted by the kidnapper?

Meanwhile, a photograph emailed from Paris could bring Fennimore closer to discovering the fate of his daughter Suzie, now missing for six years. He seeks help from his old friend, DCI Kate Simms, recently returned from the US. But Kate is soon blocked from the investigation… The mother and childs’ lives hang in the balance as Fennimore and Simms try to break through police bureaucracy to identify their abductor.

Truth Will Out is my first read from this author but it won’t be my last, really top notch crime fiction with two excellent main protagonists and a beautifully addictive flow. No problem going into the series at this point either, the background information is there without spoiling things if you want to read the previous books.

In this instalment a mother and daughter are kidnapped and Fennimore is dragged into the case, although there is an attempt to keep him and Simms on the outskirts these two seem to be the type that don’t really follow the rules (making for some great plot developments) so they dig in deep. Meanwhile Fennimore is looking at another possible miscarriage of justice, so sets the scene for a twisty fascinating tale that you’ll read fast. Because you have to know don’t you know…

There were various things that really made this great for me – I love books with a forensic twist, the pairing of our main duo is classically great reading. The author brings a strong emotional core to the writing that means you get totally immersed into the world and engage with the characters on a human level. A large dose of authenticity in the detail and a truly gripping story added into the mix and hey we are good to go.

Overall excellent. This is why I love crime fiction.

Highly Recommended for crime fans.

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