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Today I am very pleased to welcome Evelyn Harrison to the blog telling us why she writes…


Why We Write – by Evelyn Harrison

Everyone, past and present that has ever put pen to paper, have had their own reasons for writing, some perhaps for fame or some possibly for fortune. After attempting writing myself, I can honestly say, how much I admire, even more, those writers from the past, who wrote in such difficult working conditions. Writing today is so much easier with modern technology, namely the good old computer. But is that all it takes, the use of a computer to write a book? No, of course not, the most important ingredient, as far as I’m concerned, is a good and if possible, original story, one that makes readers want to turn those pages.

When did I begin to contemplate writing a novel and why? Well, to be exact, when I was eleven years old. I used to love reading as a child, especially the Famous Five, by Enid Blyton, and any books with horses. In those days, in our English lessons, we were often given the freedom to write essays, by just being given a topic title; it was these inspirational lessons that made me believe I had it in me to write a book. In one particular class, I remember with pride, the teacher reading out my essay. I had begun with the phrase, ‘I plucked up courage’, this moment of notoriety amongst my class mates, has stayed with me all my life and in each of my books I have included those words.

Of course, on leaving school, work and family living took over, and to be honest, over the years I did not give writing another thought, until ten years ago, a holiday, triggered a desire to finally write. It was August, we were ready and packed for a vacation in the USA, and then something happened which threw our entire schedule into turmoil, the British Airways caterers, chose to go on strike, the very day we were due to fly – consequently our flight was cancelled. To cut a long story short, we eventually did have a holiday, but when we came back I wrote, for fun, a news article on the events leading up to our eventual departure. My short story was passed around, not only amongst my family, but my friends as well, and to be honest I enjoyed the positive feedback I received. I even contemplated for a minute, submitting my tale to a magazine, though my confidence eventually got the better of me. Of course, not one to rush into anything, it took another four years and a trip to, this time Australia, for my journey to finally begin. I kept a diary of our trip and then in 2010, motivated by the whole experience, I began to write, ‘All for the Love of Josie’, followed by ‘A Troubled Soul’, two years later and guess what? I love to write.

So, I have written my books to fulfil a dream, initially wanting to leave behind something for my family, but now, thanks to my publisher Dave at Raven Crest Books, for anyone who cares to turn the pages. The old saying that there is a book in all of us, I believe is true, it just takes a trigger for some of us to begin – you never know, you just might be the next best selling author.

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Josie Forrester and her Australian husband Max, have lived happily in the idyllic village of Willow Green for seventeen years until tragedy strikes, when Max is dramatically killed in a road accident. The circumstances of his death leave many unanswered questions, and the contents of his will together with a mysterious friend from his past, brings more trouble for Josie and her friend Linda.

A year into Josie’s bereavement, Linda proposes a trip of a lifetime, to Australia, in order for Josie to visit Max’s birthplace in Queensland. The women travel to Australia, but unbeknown to them they are not alone – several very interested parties are accompanying them from a distance.

How will Josie and Linda cope, when a gang of criminals, with murder and rape on their minds, finally catch up with them?


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