Why We Write – Guest Post from Tony Drury

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The motivation to write fiction lies with Albert Einstein who said:

When a man stops learning, he starts dying

Each book is an adventure, a voyage of discovery, an emotional rollercoaster: the experiencing, for the first time, of ‘word block’ is something you never forget.

The prize is a book of perhaps eighty thousand words which entertains, creates comment and belongs to you. You pray it is an improvement on your last effort.

Perhaps the ‘Holy Grail’ for the author is the dream that your book might, one day, become a film. This allows the director and producer and the actors to take your words, as adapted by the script writer, and give vision to your ideas.

Every day as an author you learn more about life: dying can be put on hold.

Tony Drury is an author of 5 fictional novels;  ‘Megan’s Game’, ‘The Deal’, ‘Cholesterol’, ‘A Flash Of Lightning’ and most recently ‘The Lady Who Turned’.  He is also a celebrity ambassador for HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity and has written a selection of short stories, recently collaborating with a Poet Laureate to produce a poetry collection from and for the heart.  All publisher’s profits will benefit the charity.  His work is available from Amazon and all good book shops.    Tony, a successful author has 2 of his novels currently being made into films; ‘Megan’s Game’ and ‘A Flash Of Lightning’.

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