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Today I am very happy to join the blog tour for “You Belong to Me” by Samantha Hayes – here she tells us about the Perils of being and author. You can find my review and purchase information right after that!


The Perils of Being an Author – by Samantha Hayes


Everyone knows that authors lounge around in silk pyjamas, dictating a few genius words before lunching at The Ivy and napping the afternoon away. But there are downsides associated with this tough job and, because I like lists, I thought I’d compile one to highlight some of the perils of being an author and dispel any myths. It’s very much a light-hearted look at a few literary liabilities, but just ask any author and I’m sure they’ll agree…


  • Authors don’t wear silk pyjamas. We wear jeans (old and ripped) or grubby tracksuit bottoms. The baggier the T-shirt the better, and hair is unkempt not because it’s fashionable, but because we just had to get that brilliant idea down on paper and completely forgot to look in the mirror.
  • Everyone you know is suddenly ‘going to write a book’. Hear this enough times and you’ll start to wonder if your career really is just a hobby. But authors are generally lovely people and will politely ask what the book is about, when all we really want to say is, ‘When you see your doctor, do you tell him you’re going to perform your own surgery, because really, how hard can it be?’
  • There’s no such thing as a free book. (Apart from on Amazon sometimes.) Be prepared for all your friends, friends of friends, and distant relatives of distant friends to request an endless supply of books at no cost. Get your own back by asking your accountant mate to do your tax return for nothing, or your hairdresser friend for a free cut.
  • Writing books is a lonely business. There is no water cooler gossip, no lunching with a friend from the next desk, no dress-down Friday (remember, every day is already dressed down), and there’s no one to bring in cake for your birthday. On the upside, the office Christmas party is cheap, and you don’t suffer Mortified Monday because no one sees what you got up to with the photocopier. (Actually, there is no photocopier.)
  • When you become an author, everyone will want to ‘pop in’ or phone you for hours at a time. I realise this contravenes point 4 slightly in that the loneliness is self-imposed, but authors just want to write. No, we have to write. Suddenly everyone wants to visit for tea, for a chat, to see how you are. Would you ‘pop in’ for coffee if I worked in a bank? Working from home clearly means, ‘I’m lounging around doing nothing so feel free to take up half my day, even though my deadline is tomorrow morning.’
  • Being an author is insecure. Authors sign contracts usually for two, maybe three books at a time. After that… well, you hear that tumbleweed blowing about? That’s an author’s job security. Of course, we always hope our latest book will be greatly received and well-reviewed, but it’s a tough business. If you don’t immediately secure a new contract, you will spend a year unpaid writing the next book in the hope it will sell. (Top tip: I always use the self-service check-out at supermarkets so that if I need to apply for a job there, I’ll already be trained up).
  • Everyone will want to know how much you earn. Ask them back.
  • Authors are largely at the mercy of reviews. Now, I fully accept that if an author writes a duff book, then the bad reviews must be taken on the chin. But not many jobs allow strangers to personally comment on a year’s worth of hard work and potentially take down a career. We don’t get the chance to publicly comment on a hotel receptionist’s miserable attitude, or a car mechanic’s shoddy work for the rest of the world to read. Be prepared to develop a thick skin beneath your grubby T-shirt—but also allow yourself to melt a little when readers and reviewers do enjoy your work!
  • Writer’s block. I have included this because many authors suffer from it, but really it’s a blessing rather than a peril. It’s way better than a tummy ache, or a migraine, and the grown-up literary equivalent of the dog eating your homework. Writer’s block implies something great is about to burst forth from your temporarily-hindered mind, not that you just fancy a day off.
  • Wearing the author’s uniform will guarantee you need to go out (yes, actually outside!) at a moment’s notice. I once made a dash to Asda in Author’s Standard Attire, and I couldn’t resist a peek at the book section. A shopper was holding my book, presenting the perfect hand-selling opportunity. ‘It’s really good,’ I said, sidling up, pointing at it. ‘Have you read it?’ she asked. ‘I wrote it,’ I replied proudly. Cue the disbelieving look before she scuttled off. She must have been wondering where my silk pyjamas were.


My Review:


Isabel left England to escape her past. For the first time in months, she’s beginning to feel safe. But then a letter shatters her world once more as she learns of her parents’ death in a car crash. Reluctantly she returns home, unable to shake off the feeling she’s being watched but determined not to let fear rule her life any more.

I’ve read previous novels from this author and have always very much enjoyed them – but I have to say with “You Belong to Me” I think the ante has been upped considerably – I ADORED it, could not put it down, it was terribly addictive and every time I thought I could pop it aside for a moment and do some housework or something, Ms Hayes would pop another humdinger happening in there and onwards I went…

We meet Isabel, hiding away in India from what we are not sure, when she receives some horrific news which forces her back to England. Meanwhile, Lorraine Fisher is suffering anxiety from a previous case and also feeling the pressure of a new one. Told from several points of view over time, a picture begins to develop of a dark and twisted mind…

Very clever writing here, drawing you into Isobel’s world – a sinister place to be as we discover what exactly she has been running from. Some terrific psychological insight to be had into all the characters – plus some deliciously enticing twists and turns and a very real sense of menace – making this a top notch psychological thriller.

It definitely crept up on me – perhaps not one I should have been reading as darkness fell due to the fact that it is really very authentic, with events being entirely possible. A constant need to look over my shoulder developed and for me, that is the sign of a really engrossing and captivating story. So this absolutely comes Highly Recommended from me – most especially for those readers who enjoy a tense read with a twist in the tale.

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