2016 Spotlight: Murderabilia Craig Robertson


Publication Date: Available Now from Simon and Schuster

Source: Purchased copy/Review Copy

The first commuter train of the morning slowlyrumbles away from platform seven of Queen St station. Everyone on board is sleepy, avoiding eye contact, reluctant to admit the day has begun. And then, as the train emerges from a tunnel, the screaming starts. Hanging from the bridge ahead of them is a body. Placed neatly on the ground below him are the victim’sclothes. Why?
Detective Inspector Narey is assigned the investigation and then just as quickly taken off it again. Tony Winter, now a journalist, must pursue the case for her.The line of questioning centres around the victim’s clothes – why leave them in full view? And what did the killer take with them, and where might it appear again?
Murderabilia – the practice of collecting items from crime scenes. Items only available on the dark web. The collector must be prepared to pay a high price. As Narey is about to find out.

Blimey this book was banging. Highly entertaining, seriously addictive and so entirely fascinating I’m almost tempted to go find out stuff on the internet. But then common sense kicks in, today is NOT a good day to die.

So anyway as a fan of Narey and Winter I’ll just say that they are put somewhat through the wringer in this one, like really I shouldn’t have expected that – but there were points in this that I actually did go NO really don’t do that. But then it happened anyway. Because Craig Robertson is evil. Or something.

The subject matter at the heart of Murderabilia, that being the collection of all things crime, no matter how macabre, by people some of whom you would not want to meet in a dark alley at night, is such an entirely gripping premise that I have been sat here for the past few hours totally immersed – paper cut type immersion, its that good.

It seems funny to call a novel with such dark happenings wildly entertaining but that is what Murderabilia is – wildly entertaining. And scary. And relatively sad in places. All the good things. Top notch crime fiction of the type all us avid crime fans devour with the fervour of true fanatics. And its great writing. GREAT writing. We all know how I love the great writing.

The story rocks along, the settings are vivid, the plotting is perfect, the resolution in no way predictable, not sure there is anything else really to say.

I’ll just echo Martina Cole and say I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

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  1. crimeworm says:

    Craig is pretty epic. And I’m sure he’s not evil. It’s just when his writing, I’m sure. Dying to read this – not literally; I’d better make that clear now!

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