2016 Spotlight: Pendulum by Adam Hamdy


Publication Date: 3rd November from Headline

Source: Review Copy

You wake. Confused. Disorientated.
A noose is round your neck.
You are bound, standing on a chair.
All you can focus on is the man in the mask tightening the rope.
You are about to die.
John Wallace has no idea why he has been targeted. No idea who his attacker is. No idea how he will prevent the inevitable.
Then the pendulum of fate swings in his favour.
He has one chance to escape, find the truth and halt his destruction.
The momentum is in his favour for now.
But with a killer on his tail, everything can change with one swing of this deadly pendulum…

Targeted for death. Then fate intervenes. You have one chance. Run.

Pendulum was great and actually unexpected. I’m not sure what I was expecting but what I got was an adrenalin fuelled, killer rush of a novel where you are thrown into the heart of the action and even in its quieter moments it menaces you with the promise of more…

John Wallace comes around one morning to find a man in body armour and a mask attempting to hang him. All pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears  then fate intervenes and John manages to RUN, but this killer is dogged and intelligent and most of all hidden. What follows is a battle of wits and determination as John attempts to find out why he has been targeted and to stay alive long enough to do that.

Adam Hamdy has a gorgeously immersive writing style, as I said he puts you bang into the heart of the action, descriptively speaking this is an absolute joy to read. It has a kind of a horror movie vibe about it – our killer is scary and seemingly unstoppable, any help John might hope for just pulls more people into the vortex and puts them at risk – the bad guy here takes on almost mythical proportions as you race towards an unpredictable ending but at no point does it become too fantastical in fact it is all too real.

As well as the thriller element there is a well drawn, intriguing mystery side to proceedings as we start to see method and motive however obscure – the ultimate solution is deliciously satisfying and in no way a let down which can happen – in fact as this is the start of a trilogy it is cleverly placed to not only give you a decent amount of closure but leave you desperate for more.  The author ties things up with a neat little bow then takes a pair of scissors to the gift and shows you a hint of things to come – both annoying and pretty darned brilliant.

Not only action fuelled but character fuelled also, the people you meet within the pages of Pendulum are slowly but surely given heart and soul as layers are stripped off to show the true heart underneath. Still lots to discover about those that survive (yes thats a tease TRUST NOTHING)  but I was fascinated by the back stories which are beautifully woven into the rest without detracting from the events unfolding.

All in all a really really great read all round. Consider me hooked. Hurry along the next please.

Highly Recommended

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