6 Months of Reading – Part Two.

Climbing with Books


So here we are again – Part two of three looking at everyones favourite read of the last six months, and during the post you can find the next 20 titles that made the list. The main problem I’ve had with this list is there are MANY books on it that look fabulous, which I was unaware of before asking the question – so my “to be read” mountain has now become a whole mountain range – but hey, that is just how us readers like it right?


There has been an interesting mix of genres within the list as a whole. Some crime, some romance, some non fiction, a spot of family drama, some classics that people have only just gotten around to reading. Some titles are from years ago, some only just released. It seems that everyone has a mountain range of reading to get through, moving backwards and forwards through time – hey there must be a novel in there somewhere I think.


So what else was on the list? Well here are a few that I am now determined to read….


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And here are a few that I have ALREADY read, loved and raved about that I would encourage everyone to consider…





And I was SO pleased to see this one in the mix as, well, you know….





And HERE are 3 titles that people are only just discovering…





The more I look at this eclectic long list, the more excited I am by reading – always something new to discover, to debate and to argue the merits of.


So stay tuned later this week for the final part of the list – and PLEASE keep some notes between now and December because I will be asking you all the question again in time for Christmas – lets see if any of these titles turn up again. I have certainly been inspired to expand my reading and try something new…

Happy Reading Folks!

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