A Blogtastic Month and a HUGE thank you.


So a few weeks ago now I rather rashly decided that I wanted to give a bit of a boost to my favourite author (ok ok second favourite author but he’ll cope) the amazingly talented Crime Writer AKA Neil White. Look here he is.


Anyway in my old life all I did was read, maybe post a little review now and then but these days I blog and review and am really quite proud and overjoyed to have found myself part of a community of fantastic bloggers, authors and publishers all of whom share the book love. So hey, why not run a blog tour without being asked I thought. It was a slight moment of madness granted.

So anyway I sent a mass email out to all the lovely people I’ve become extremely close to over the last couple of years of blogging insanity, asking if they’d be willing to take part in various ways thinking to myself I might get a small “yes” return and run a week’s worth of posts about the upcoming books. Here THEY are


What ACTUALLY happened was just about everyone said yes. Not only that but enthusiastically yes. Not only THAT but the idea’s flowed and the blogging spirit kicked in (as well as a fair bit of author and publisher spirit as well) and what we ended up with was what has been happening over pretty much the whole of July. Neil White everywhere all the time – with some lovely little twists and turns a bit like his books, every single post awesome in it’s own way and a lot of fun has been had as we’ve gone along. Seriously, book folk are the best folk. If I had any doubt before I have none at all now.

Special thanks has to go to Neil  himself – who embraced the madness without complaint despite the workload and set about providing answers to questions and writing guest posts and generally being just as enthusiastically involved as everyone else. It would have fallen flat without his input and personality, integral to pretty much everything. So thanks Neil.

This was one from the heart for me. I wanted it to be successful but as with anything really important to me  I couldn’t have done it in a vacuum. This has absolutely been my favourite project of the whole of my blogging life and I am eternally grateful to every single person who got involved – not only the participants but those people who retweeted and posted on Facebook and discussed the book and the posts and just generally made it so much fun.

I will be updating Neil’s page on this site to include links to every post from the tour. In the meantime please accept my hearfelt gratitude

Karen Sullivan  (Orenda Books) David Ross (Author of Last Days of Disco and possibly the funniest man alive) Jack Croxall (Awesome YA Author of the Tethers Trilogy and my very good friend) La Chouette blog, Victoria Goldman (Off The Shelf reviews) Rebecca Bradley (Another awesome author and a lovely lady) Linda Boa (Crimeworm) Janet Emson (From First Page to Last) David (Blue Book Balloon – and by the way where is my bacon sandwich?) Raven (Raven Crime Reads) Dave (Espresso Coco) Gordon (Grab This Book) Christine (Northern Crime – lots more from the pair of us coming soon) Sharon Sant (another VERY good friend and author of Dead Girl Walking amongst other things) Steph (Crime Thriller Girl) Wendy (Little Bookness Lane) Susan (The Book Trail)  and last but by no means least Shaun (Book Addict Shaun).

It has been insane. I love you ALL.

Hey lets do it again sometime!









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3 Responses to A Blogtastic Month and a HUGE thank you.

  1. crimeworm says:

    Liz I know you already have the next title in mind! I really enjoyed getting to know a new author – and such a funny, nice man – which is part of the fresh approach I’m trying to bring to my blog – to stop reading author’s your familiar with all the time. So really, I should be thanking you. I also enjoyed our buddy read at the weekend (halfway through that review!) I’m sure we’ll all get involved in lots of great projects together in the future – it’s a great example of people power! So thank YOU Liz! (And we will meet soon, all being well…!) And thanks too, to Neil, for being….well, just, lovely. And to everyone else who got involved! Book people ARE awesome!

  2. Dave says:

    Liz, you’ve introduced me to so many new authors (all of which have been fantastic) that it’s me that should be thanking you!

    It was fantastic to be part of Neil’s blog tour and a brilliant guest post!

  3. Raven says:

    It’s been a pleasure and please feel free to keep me on the master list for any future playful pestering! 🙂 x

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