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To celebrate the release of “No Other Darkness” in paperback I have one copy to giveaway (Uk Only) – The second outing for DI Marnie Rome this is a corker of a read, if rather emotional. The paperback cover is fabulous too, a great addition to any shelf. So if you fancy one of your own simply comment on this post or tweet me @Lizzy11268 and wave a bit and at the end of the day one winner will be picked at random.

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Two young boys.
Trapped underground in a bunker.
Unable to understand why they are there.
Desperate for someone to find them.
Slowly realising that no-one will…

Five years later, the boys’ bodies are found and the most difficult case of DI Marnie Rome’s career begins.

Her only focus is the boys. She has to find out who they are and what happened to them.

For Marnie, there is no other darkness than this…

So what seems like years ago now (I read it VERY early) I first encountered Marnie Rome in Sarah Hilary’s haunting debut “Someone Elses Skin”. It has felt like a long wait for the follow up novel but it was worth every minute.

In this instalment, a horrific discovery sets off a highly disturbing case for Marnie and co that hits closer to home than anyone is comfortable with – as things twist and turn their way towards a breathtaking conclusion, it becomes obvious that nothing is as it appears and the story is at turns completely compelling, extremely frightening and often very emotional.

This time I was utterly hooked from the first page. I read it in a day, there simply was no stopping once I started – the beauty of the writing, especially for Crime Fiction is beyond compare and it sucks you into the vortex of Marnie’s world, holding you there barely breathing until the case is solved and the story is done.

Once again the author takes on the mantle of another hugely emotional issue that should be talked about more but is not – in “Someone Elses Skin” that was domestic abuse, in this story, well, I obviously can’t tell you because that would spoil it, but suffice to say Marnie is facing the darkness head on and is determined to give these children a name and a voice – in order to do so she may have to face some harsh truths of her own.

I absolutely love how Sarah Hilary writes her characters with plenty of moral ambiguity – no “good guys” or “bad guys” but just people – living life day to day and sometimes heading into dangerous territory, doing the wrong thing for seemingly right reasons and vice versa, as far as psychological depth goes you won’t find better than this. Scary in its authenticity, with a heroine at its heart that will steal yours, this was truly an amazing and evocative read.

You would say there was nothing new in Crime Fiction these days, difficult to find something fresh – as I remarked on Facebook during the reading of this, I have no idea how Ms Hilary manages to write in this genre as if she was the first person who ever did, but that is what she does. Expressive and resonant, I really cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Also Available: The first Marnie Rome novel. Winner of the Theakston’s 2015 Crime Novel of the Year, and a 2014 Richard and Judy Book Club pick.

Somone else's skin_b_pb.indd

Called to a woman’s refuge to take a routine witness statement, DI Marnie Rome instead walks in on an attempted murder.
Trying to uncover the truth from layers of secrets, Marnie finds herself confronting her own demons.
Because she, of all people, knows that it can be those closest to us we should fear the most . . .


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4 Responses to No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary- Review and Giveaway

  1. Sounds like an engrossing book that I would love to read.

  2. crimeworm says:

    I’d love one for my daughter Liz, as I have one I must review! – so if I happen to win it’d be for her and be posted to her – she lives just outside Glasgow. Although she’s just left for Ibiza. I’m still stressed, even though she’s a v sensible 21-year-old! This’ll go straight to the top of the book charts anyway! Did it come out in trade paperback initially? Not hardback? Soon be hardback for Sarah!

  3. diana says:

    Enjoyed the first one..would much appreciate the chance to read the new one

  4. This sounds like my kind of book!

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