A break from the movies….Lets talk Bunnies!

So, today has arrived and for weeks it has been referred to as “Bunny Day” by everyone in our household. A few weeks ago my lovely daughter Mel went to an animal sanctuary for a visit. Later that day and ongoing I was bombarded with many “I want a bunny” texts and after some discussion, Willow was purchased and today is the day we brought her home. Now this is a book blog – so in a moment I will talk Rabbits and Books. But first….meet the newest member of our family!  Isnt she just the cutest thing ever? Going to be a very popular addition to our little family unit!



So. Books about bunnies. Well the first one that sprang to mind of course was Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit. I remember being read The Tale Of Peter Rabbit at bedtime when I was younger – and of course all of Ms Potter’s other magical animal stories – and they have endured for generations and will for many generations to come. Peter was a naughty rabbit and got into all sorts of trouble! Here’s hoping that Willow is a bit better behaved….but I have been inspired to dig out all my old copies of those much loved tales to read to Harry and Tristan – both of whom will adore them.




A slightly darker bunny tale is that of Richard Adams “Watership Down”. Another book I remember well from my teenage years, it was perhaps one of the first books to make me cry. The rabbits that inhabit the world of Watership Down may as well be people – you react to them as if they were, you feel for them as if they were – and this is another classic story that will endure for years. My tattered copy of this book is in my safety box in the attic – when my boys are older they as well will be introduced to this wonderful book.



So there we go. Short but sweet. Bunnies and books. Do you have a favourite childrens tale involving Bunnies? Do tell. Happy Reading Folks!

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