A Good Enough Mother Bev Thomas blog tour review.

Dr Ruth Hartland rises to difficult tasks. She is the director of a highly respected trauma therapy unit. She is confident, capable and excellent at her job. Today she is preoccupied by her son Tom’s disappearance.

So when a new patient arrives at the unit – a young man who looks shockingly like Tom – she is floored.

As a therapist, Ruth knows exactly what she should do in the best interests of her client, but as a mother she makes a very different choice – a decision that will have profound consequences.

A Good Enough Mother is a tense, emotionally charged read about a mother whose focus on her son ends up having devastating consequences on those around her, including those she is supposed to protect.

I read this fast, the writing is beautiful and really immerses you into Ruth’s world, offering the reader a layered look at her psyche and what drives her decisions both personal and professional. Her relationship with her son is somewhat obsessive, with her daughter somewhat neglectful, all of this compounding the mistakes she makes.

It is an insightful, fascinating read about family and human nature, a cleverly woven and highly intriguing story that really holds your attention and gives you plenty to think about.

Randomly heart breaking and often sad A Good Enough Mother is totally absorbing and I have no problem highly recommending it.

Genuinely compelling.

You can purchase A Good Enough Mother (Faber) here.

Happy Reading!

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