Latest Reads: Atlas Alone Emma Newman.

Six months after she left Earth, Dee is struggling to manage her rage toward the people who ordered the nuclear strike that destroyed the world. She’s trying to find those responsible, and to understand why the ship is keeping everyone divided into small groups, but she’s not getting very far alone.

A dedicated gamer, she throws herself into mersives to escape and is approached by a designer who asks her to play test his new game. It isn’t like any game she’s played before. Then a character she kills in the climax of the game turns out to bear a striking resemblance to a man who dies suddenly in the real world at exactly the same time. A man she discovers was one of those responsible for the death of millions on Earth.

Disturbed, but thinking it must be a coincidence, Dee pulls back from gaming and continues the hunt for information. But when she finds out the true plans for the future colony, she realizes that to save what is left of humanity, she may have to risk losing her own.

I really love the Planetfall series,every one is a pure joy to read and although it is a series they are loosely and randomly connected so you can pick up any one at any point.

Atlas Alone is a dark, enthralling addition to the list, a tightly claustrophobic mix of mystery, science fiction and character driven drama, once more beautifully imagined and perfectly executed by Emma Newman whose prose is a sheer delight.

Dee is a complex and engaging character, drawn into a terrifyingly real and emotional virtual reality game – a mysterious stranger encouraging her to track and destroy those responsible for the worst act imaginable.

Heading into an unknown future in a controlled and secretive ship, Dee searches for truth, tries to keep her friends safe, behind a practical facade that hides hidden depths. Fascinating and utterly gripping, After Atlas takes you on an intriguing journey through the human psyche, ending with a surprisingly thought provoking finale.

I loved every minute of it. I still have one Planetfall novel to go, not sure how I missed it but am suddenly pleased I did. These are the books I love because they are different, vibrant and give you a different perspective on just about everything.

Emma Newman is a huge talent indeed.

Highly Recommended.

You can purchase Atlas Alone (Gollanz) Here.

Happy Reading!

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