A Quick “Coming Up Soon” post. Lots of lovely book stuff.

Happy Monday everyone! Just a quick blog spot today on some things you can expect to see coming up on site soon. Firstly here is what I am currently reading.


So reviews on those coming as and when.

Later this week we have Q & A’s with Hannah Beckerman and Helene Gesterne about these two fabulous books. Both very different but terribly compelling.



Future weeks will see Q&A’s with some fabulous authors about some fabulous books. Hint:



Feature Weeks coming soon:

Post Apocalyptic fiction week. I LOVE Post Apocalyptic fiction.


Dystopian Week. I also love this!


And Crime Fiction week. Yay.


None of the above images were hints. Just some of my favourites.


So look out for all that and more on Liz Loves Books soon – and if you have something you would LIKE to see that I have not yet done please do leave me a comment.

Happy Reading Folks!



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