Bluethroat Morning Jacqui Lofthouse Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: May 22nd by Blackbird Digital

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Alison Bliss, celebrity model and critically acclaimed writer, walks into the sea one ‘bluethroat morning’. In death she becomes a greater icon than in life, and the Norfolk village where she lived is soon a place of pilgrimage. Six years later her husband Harry, a schoolteacher, is still haunted by her suicide and faithful to her memory. Until he meets Helen and they fall in love. 

Harry and Helen’s relationship initiates a return to the scene of Alison’s death where they meet ninety-eight year old Ern Higham, and a tale is revealed that has been generations in the making. As Harry pieces together a tragic history and finally confronts his own pain, he discovers that to truly move forward, first he must understand the past … 

Bluethroat Morning is a beautifully written character drama with mystery elements and a strong sense of place.

Harry is still haunted by the suicide of his wife years earlier – finding new love sets of a series of events that will take Harry back into the past and hopefully send him into a happier future…

I loved this for the way the author used language to invoke a sense of reality into her characters and into the depths that grief can take us. The story is compelling and emotionally resonant, a bit of a literary page turner,

The North Norfolk setting is brought vividly and mentally to life within the narrative and the use of the past/present vibe to weave an intriguing tale of interpersonal relationships and very human action and consequence works wonderfully. It is a fully immersive slow burner, with some gorgeous prose and a deeply addictive story.

Overall this is a novel I would highly recommend to those who love a literary mystery where character is king


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