Latest Reads: Whistle In The Dark Emma Healey

Publication Date: 3rd May 2018 from Penguin Source: Netgalley Four missing days. Could you cope with not knowing? Jen’s 15-year-old daughter goes missing for four agonizing days. When Lana is found, unharmed, in the middle of the desolate countryside, everyone thinks the worst is over. But Lana refuses to tell… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Woman in the Woods John Connolly

Publication Date: 5th April 2018 from Hodder and Staughton Source: Review Copy In the beautiful Maine woods, a partly preserved body is discovered. Investigators realize that the dead young woman gave birth shortly before her death. But there is no sign of a baby. Private detective Charlie Parker is hired… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Bone Keeper Luca Veste

Publication Date: March 8th from Simon and Schuster Source: Review Copy What if the figure that haunted your nightmares as child, the myth of the man in the woods, was real? He’ll slice your flesh. Your bones he’ll keep. Twenty years ago, four teenagers went exploring in the local woods,… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Only Human Sylvain Neuval

Publication Date: 1st May 2018 from Del Ray Source: Review Copy In her childhood, Rose Franklin accidentally discovered a giant metal hand buried beneath the ground outside Deadwood, South Dakota. As an adult, Dr. Rose Franklin led the team that uncovered the rest of the body parts which together form… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Don’t Trust Me Joss Stirling.

Publication Date: 23rd Feb from Harper Collins (Killer Reads) Source: Netgalley When she arrives at work to discover every trace of the company she was working for has disappeared, Jessica’s life spirals into freefall. Her romance with Michael, a celebrated criminologist is already in trouble. He is sick of the… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Smiling Man Joseph Knox

Publication Date: March 8th 2018 from Doubleday Source: Review Copy ‘I usually experienced the presence of a dead body as an absence, but in this case, it felt like a black hole opening up in front of me’ Disconnected from his history and careless of his future, Detective Aidan Waits… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Unconvicted Olly Jarvis.

Publication Date: Available Now from Canelo Source: Netgalley In a razor-sharp legal thriller, Jack Kowalski must win two challenging trials to save his reputation and his career Junior barrister Jack Kowalski is crushed. His client Timothy Smart appears to have committed a monstrous crime while on bail – a bail application Jack… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Here We Lie Sophie McKenzie

Publication Date: Available Now from Simon Schuster Source: Purchased Copy Jed is the man I will marry. Unless his past catches up with us … On holiday with family and her adoring fiancé, Jed, Emily couldn’t be happier. But overnight, the idyllic trip turns into a waking nightmare when one… Continue reading

One To Watch: The Craftsman Sharon Bolton

Publication Date: April 5th 2018 from Trapeze Source: Review Copy Catching him will make her career – and change her forever.  August, 1999  On the hottest day of the year, Assistant Commissioner Florence Lovelady attends the funeral of Larry Glassbrook, the convicted murderer she arrested thirty years earlier. A master… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Devil’s Dice Roz Watkins

Publication Date: 8th March from HQ Source: Netgalley The devil is coming… A SHOCKING DEATH A lawyer is found dead in a Peak District cave, his face ribboned with scratches. A SINISTER MESSAGE Amidst rumours of a local curse, DI Meg Dalton is convinced this is cold-blooded murder. There’s just… Continue reading