Latest Reads: Obscura Joe Hart

Publication Date: 8th May from Thomas and Mercer Source: Netgalley She’s felt it before…the fear of losing control. And it’s happening again. In the near future, an aggressive and terrifying new form of dementia is affecting victims of all ages. The cause is unknown, and the symptoms are disturbing. Dr.… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Legendary Stephanie Garber

Publication Date: 31st May from Hodder and Staughton Source: Review Copy A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win. After being swept up in the magical world of Caraval, Donatella Dragna has finally escaped her father and saved her sister Scarlett from a disastrous arranged marriage.… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Good Son You-jeong Jeong

Publication Date: 3rd May from Little Brown Source: Netgalley Yu-jin is a good son, a model student and a successful athlete. But one day he wakes up covered in blood. There’s no sign of a break-in and there’s a body downstairs. It’s the body of someone who Yu-jin knows all… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Other Couple Sarah J Naughton

Publication Date: Available Now from Trapeze Source: Netgalley This was meant to be the perfect honeymoon. A five-star beach resort in Vietnam, with white sands, private villas and world-class cuisine.  A chance for newlyweds Asha and Ollie Graveney to recover from a tragedy that has left them on the verge… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Presumed Dead Mason Cross

Publication Date: 19th April from Orion Source: Review Copy ‘What do you know about the Devil Mountain Killer?’ THEN Adeline Connor was the Devil Mountain Killer’s final victim. After she was gunned down, the murderer disappeared and the killing spree ended. NOW Carter Blake has been hired to do what… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Arm of the Sphinx Josiah Bancroft

Publication Date: Available Now from Orbit Source: Review Copy The Tower of Babel is proving to be as difficult to reenter as it was to break out of. Forced into a life of piracy, Senlin and his eclectic crew are struggling to survive aboard their stolen airship as the hunt… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Person’s Unknown Susie Steiner

Publication Date: Available Now from The Borough Press Source: Purchased Copy Manon has settled back into life in Cambridgeshire with her adopted son Fly. She’s perfectly happy working on cold cases until a man is stabbed to death just yards from the police station, and both the victim and the… Continue reading

Latest Reads: I Still Dream James Smythe

Publication Date: 5th April from Borough Press Source: Review Copy 1997. 17-year-old Laura Bow has invented a rudimentary artificial intelligence, and named it Organon. At first it’s intended to be a sounding-board for her teenage frustrations, a surrogate best friend; but as she grows older, Organon grows with her. As… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Gradual Disappearance of Jane Ashland. Nicolai Houm

Publication Date: 26th April from Pushkin Press Source: Review Copy An American woman wakes up alone in a tent in the Norwegian mountains. Outside a storm rages and the fog is dense. Her phone is dead. She doesn’t have a map or a compass or any food.  How she ended… Continue reading