Latest Reads: Heaven, My Home Attica Locke.

When the young son of an Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang captain goes missing, Ranger Darren Matthews has no choice but to investigate the crime. Following the election of Donald Trump, a new wave of racial violence has swept the state. Dark, swampy and filled with skeletal trees, Caddo Lake… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Cruel Stars John Birmingham.

Everybody thought the Sturm were dead, engulfed by the Dark. They were wrong. Centuries after their defeat, the enemy has returned with an overwhelming attack on the fringes of human space. On the brink of annihilation, humankind’s only hope is a few brave souls who survived the initial onslaught: Commander… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Clear My Name Paula Daly.

Innocent? When Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband’s lover, she denied it. She denied it when they arrested her, when they put her in front of a jury, and when they sent her to prison.  Now she’s three years into a fifteen-year sentence, away from the daughter she… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Boy Tami Hoag.

MOTHER. LIAR. MURDERER? In the sleepy Lousiana town of Bayou Breaux, a mother runs to her neighbour – bloody and hysterical. The police arrive to find Genevieve Gauthier cradling her seven-year-old son in her arms as he bleeds to death. Detective Nick Fourcade finds no evidence of a break-in. His… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Six Luca Veste.

Six friends trapped by one dark secret. It was supposed to be our last weekend away as friends, before marriage and respectability beckoned. But what happened that Saturday changed everything. In the middle of the night, someone died. The six of us promised each other we would not tell anyone… Continue reading

Latest Reads American Dirt Jeanine Cummins.

Yesterday, Lydia had a bookshop.Yesterday, Lydia was married to a journalist.Yesterday, she was with everyone she loved most in the world. Today, her eight-year-old son Luca is all she has left. For him, she will carry a machete strapped to her leg.For him, she will leap onto the roof of… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Nightingale Point Luan Goldie.

On an ordinary Saturday morning in 1996, the residents of Nightingale Point wake up to their normal lives and worries. Mary has a secret life that no one knows about, not even Malachi and Tristan, the brothers she vowed to look after.Malachi had to grow up too quickly. Between looking after Tristan… Continue reading

Latest Reads: The Turn Of the Key Ruth Ware.

I know you don’t know me but you have to help me.I didn’t kill anyone. When Rowan stumbles across the advert, it seems like too good an opportunity to miss: a live-in nanny position, with a staggeringly generous salary. And when she arrives at Heatherbrae House, she is smitten by… Continue reading

Latest Reads: Judgement Joseph Finder.

It was just one night. But it was a night that would destroy everything. Judge Juliana Brody is a woman with principles. She is happily married, she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t lose control. She definitely doesn’t sleep with a handsome stranger at a law convention. Except that, last night, that is… Continue reading