Holiday reading review catch up: The Stranger In Our Bed Samantha Howe.

I ended my marriage for a man who didn’t exist…

I have everything money can buy. I’m a good wife, but sometimes I feel trapped. And when I start an affair with a stranger called Ewan, my life changes in ways I can’t begin to understand.

Because Ewan breaks apart my marriage piece by piece and then he just disappears. He uses a fake name and leaves no trace behind; it’s like he doesn’t even exist.

Someone did this to me and now they’re waiting for me to unravel, watching my every move. I can’t trust anyone, not even myself – not even the people I love.

Brilliantly dark piece of domestic noir and for me unpredictable which I always long for these days. 

This tale is as twisty as you could hope for from a psychological thriller, it also has the benefit of having very engaging characters that elicit an emotional response, be that positive or negative – as well as a cleverly obfuscated plot that makes it hard to unravel until all is revealed.

The themes explored here are relevant and thought provoking, sitting nicely in the background of the ongoing drama so by the time the end comes you are looking back for all the insights – I read this in one sitting, utterly caught up in Charlotte’s dilemma and forever changing my mind on who was friend and who was foe. 

Clever and involving. Recommended.

You can purchase The Stranger In Our Bed (HC One More Chapter) Here.

Happy Reading!

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