I Remember You Elisabeth De Mariaffi Blog Tour Review.

Publication Date: March 27th From Titan

Source: Review Copy

Heike Lerner has a charmed life. ​​​A stay-at-home mother married to a prominent psychiatrist, it’s a far cry from the​ damaged​ ​child she used to be. But her world is ​shaken when her four-year-old son​ ​befriends a little girl at a nearby lake, who​ vanishes under the water. ​And when Heike dives in after her, there’s no sign of a body.
Desperate to ​discover what happened to the child, Heike​ seeks out Leo Dolan, a television writer exploring the paranormal​, but finds herself caught between her controlling husband and the intense Dolan​. Then her son disappears, and Heike’s husband was the last to see him alive​…​

I Remember You is another tense and atmospheric tale from this author – the sense of time and place is evocative and the characters are divisive and fascinating.

It’s a difficult one to review without spoilers so I’ll say little about the plot except that Heike is a beautifully drawn classic unreliable narrator and the story is dark and very twisty – just the way I like them.

It’s an unpredictable story with some beautiful writing and some intriguing and thought provoking themes running through the many layers, the relationships between the eclectic cast of characters are cleverly woven. It is a read that leaves you off kilter and lingers after you are done with it.

Really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed The Devil You Know as well, her last book, and would recommend you check them both out. Very different but equally compelling. An author to watch.


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