Latest Reads: Night Moves Jonathan Kellerman.

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A brilliant criminal psychologist, Alex works with the police to help solve the most complex of crimes in Los Angeles, city of illusions, glamour and infamy.

An affluent family returns home from Sunday dinner only to find the murdered and brutalized corpse of a total stranger in their house. This baffling, twisted tale tests Alex and Milo to their intellectual and emotional limits.

Wow. Alex Delaware 33. And I’ve read them all. Scary! Also shows how good this series is and what quality of writing and storytelling you get from it. I’ve given up on a lot of long running series but not this one because I enjoy the read every time. Obviously I have my favourites and I love some more than others, but none have been bad, or dull, or same old at all.

The main characters of Milo and Alex have been through a lot together over the years. The emotional cases, the difficult cases, the downright dangerous cases, these two take on them all. Their character development has been ever riveting, each new mystery fascinating and evocative and it is genuinely a series I would love to see run forever.

Night Moves then finds Alex helping Milo out when a random unidentified body turns up at a family home while they are out for dinner. Not something you’d want to find upon returning from an evening out. This family is at odds though and also just plain odd- so Alex will have his work cut out for him unravelling the psychological clues. Milo meanwhile will follow the physical  clues, so off we go on yet another beautifully plotted crime thriller.

Jonathan Kellerman writes with a very gentle soothing style, using few words to give great meaning, generating a sense of place and time that is easy to fall into and it is a rhythm that I find highly engaging. A familiarity with the core character group means I can just get right into each new story without much effort at all and I always read them fast. I like too that each could easily be read as a standalone – so if you’ve not tried any yet just pick up any of them which has a blurb you find intriguing and dive right in.

Night Moves was great, they are all great.

Recommended. Both as a novel and a series.

You can purchase Night Moves here.

Happy Reading!

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  1. crimeworm says:

    This is also one l9ng-running series I’ve stuck with – I think this and Connelly’s Bosch books are the two longest running. I adore Alex Delaware and Milo!

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