Indie Author Spotlight: Claire Morley Tindog Tacloban

Tindog 3

Tindog 3

Another Indie Author in the Spotlight  – and still a fair few more to come as time goes on – today it is Claire Morley and Tindog Tacloban

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Claire Morley’s first foray into fiction writing came through her time spent volunteering in the Philippines following the deadly typhoon, Yolanda. Inspired by her experiences and the people she met she wanted to create awareness of the longer-lasting affects of a natural disaster and to encourage people to join the fight against human trafficking, through a fictional story.
Prior to Tindog Tacloban, Claire was a journalist in her adopted country of North Cyprus, where she has lived for 13 years. Previously living in England and Scotland, Claire’s background is marketing. She now works as a wedding planner

I asked Claire who her book might appeal to –

This is quite a tricky question to answer. Tindog Tacloban focuses on some difficult subjects and it’s not of a typical genre, I guess you might ‘label’ it contemporary fiction with suspense thrown in, if pushed. Highlighting child trafficking and the affects of a natural disaster on a family, it may not at first seem like a book to reach for. However, it creates awareness of with some very real issues in a sensitive manner around a story which grips the reader and pulls them in. It is meant to make the reader think and possibly act on the subjects raised. I hope it will appeal to a cross-section of people. One of the reviews I have received on it has said:

If I am being totally honest,  I probably wouldn’t have picked Tindog Tacloban up as it is not my normal choice of read but I am so glad I did. It was an amazing read and I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see what happened. I will be recommending it all to my fellow book lovers out there. I honestly do not think a book has ever made me feel the ways yours did. Huge well done on a fantastic book and I hope you put pen to paper again soon.


About the Book:

Tindog 3

In the aftermath of the fiercest typhoon on record to hit land, banners bearing the words Tindog Tacloban started to appear all over the city. Meaning Rise Up Tacloban, they were a testament to the determination and resilience of the Filipino people as they tried to rebuild their shattered lives.
For many, things would never be the same:
Izel Sombilon watched in horror as two of his children were ripped from his arms and swept away by the huge storm waves
Eleven year old Lika Faye was plunged into the sordid underworld of Webcam Child Sex Tourism.
For Helen Gable volunteering in the typhoon ravaged area was a chance for her to come to terms with her own personal tragedy.

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Happy Reading Folks!


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