Latest (Early) Reads: Stitch Up William McIntyre

Publication Date: 16th August from Sandstone Press

Source: Review Copy

Everything is coming up roses for Robbie Munro, newly married and living in the country with his wife and child. 

That is until his wife takes up employment abroad just as old flame, Jill Green, asks him to investigate the unexplained death of her partner. Suspecting foul play, Jill insists Robbie does whatever it takes to find the killer. As Robbie begins his investigation, his father, ex-Police Sergeant Alex Munro, comes under scrutiny. Was the evidence at the trial of a man found guilty of child murder twenty years ago fabricated? 

Can Robbie juggle his duties as a father, investigate his ex’s claims, and prove his father’s innocence?

I love this series – funny, insightful, great characters, witty and absorbing writing and always brilliant stories as we follow along in the wake of Robbie Munro, lawyer extraordinaire (sort of) and loving Husband and Father. Who consistently and hilariously finds himself in trouble all the time – but also manages somehow to get to the truth of everything.

Stitch Up finds him in not one but two sets of hot water as he tries to investigate the death of an old flame’s current flame and at the same time save his Dad from himself as he comes under scrutiny in an old serial killer case. As ever the setting pops from the page, the characters are lively and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

The best parts of the Best Defence novels comes from within the personal relationships – Robbie and his wife (I still remember giggling at the moment he became engaged in a previous novel) his daughter, his brother (LOVE Malky, you will too) and their constant domestic shenanigans. At the same time there is always another case to solve for Robbie, the plotting is always brilliantly intelligent and these are just purely entertaining and utterly authentic. Stitch Up was possibly my favourite one yet but to be fair Willam McIntyre has yet to set a foot wrong in this series. Long may it live!


Highly Recommended.

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