Latest Reads: As The Shadow Rises Katy Rose Pool.

Katy Rose Pool ‘s showstopping fantasy debut There Will Come a Darkness began an epic tale of thrilling magic, ancient prophecy and five lives who could stop the approaching Age of Darkness – or unleash it.

Now the adventure continues in As the Shadow Rises, as the forces of light and darkness collide – and the end of the world begins.

I’ve been dying to read this from the moment I finished book one of The Age of Darkness – well book two ups the ante quite significantly, As The Shadow Rises drops you straight back into this beautifully imaginative world and grips you from first page to last.

What I love about this is the general theme of good and evil, where the lines blur between the two no matter which of our motley crew of characters you happen to be travelling along with. I won’t give too much detail in case you still have to start this series, but as Katy Rose Pool puts her characters into situational turmoil you never quite know what they will do.

The “bad guys” are truly scary, lots of lines can be drawn between them and people who populate our real world. The “good guys” are not always pure of heart and it is an adventurous, page turner of a fantasy novel that ends with an edge of the seat set of events that will leave you desperate for more.

Roll on book three. I NEED to know what happens next.

Highly recommended.

You can purchase As The Shadow Rises (Orbit) Here.

Happy reading!

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